BLANC+PH-|+ Snow Foam
BLANC+PH-|+ Snow Foam

BLANC+PH-|+ Snow Foam

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NANOmax BLANC+ foams and cleans like no other.

BLANC+ is designed to be used with existing waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings, lifting road film whilst staying coating friendly.

When used correctly BLANC+ produces a duvet of thick creamy foam which lifts and loosens stubborn dirt.

Recommended to be used through a NANOmax foam cannon during the pre rinse process.


  • Fill NANOmax foam cannon with 25ml/1inch BLANC+
  • Dilute with 800-900ml warm water
  • Apply a thick even layer to a dry vehicle
  • Allow to dwell for 3/5 minutes
  • Rinse with pressure washer from top to bottom
  • Proceed with wash process

NANOmax Tips:

  • Apply a second layer of BLANC+ to assist the wash mit process
  • Don't Use in direct sunlight or allow to dry



For use on vehicle exterior only, Do not use on vehicle interior.

Always wear gloves when using chemicals and avoid contact with bare skin.

If irritation develops when using stop immediately and wash the effected area with plenty cold water and introduce gentle scrubbing. 

Wil cause irritation to eyes. Always stand up wind of any spray. If product encounters eyes rinse thoroughly with eye wash.

Keep out of reach of children!

If swallowed contact your local emergency services and do not induce vomiting.