OPULENT Carnauba Suds+
OPULENT Carnauba Suds+
OPULENT Carnauba Suds+
OPULENT Carnauba Suds+
OPULENT Carnauba Suds+

OPULENT Carnauba Suds+

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OPULENT is a Car Care Dream!

Powerfully Charged with a keen ambition to Demolish stubborn Dirt without Destroying Existing wax/sealants in the process.

Super foaming and silky smooth suds assist your washmit by lubricating the paintwork preventing dirt from swirling the finish.

Tooled up with a high liquid blend of Carnauba, OPULENT Cleans, Glides & Slips in a Deep Wet “just waxed” Gloss & Hydrophobic Reactions. PH NEUTRAL For Safe-Washing


  • Fill 2 buckets
  • Add Gritguards
  • Dilution Ration 500:1
  • Pre-Rinse vehicle
  • Wash with soft washmit
  • Rinse off soap
  • Dry with a drying towel or air
  • Add NANOmax SHELL Sio2



For use on vehicle exterior only, Do not use on vehicle interior.

Always wear gloves when using chemicals and avoid contact with bare skin.

If irritation develops when using stop immediately and wash the effected area with plenty cold water and introduce gentle scrubbing. 

Wil cause irritation to eyes. Always stand up wind of any spray. If product encounters eyes rinse thoroughly with eye wash.

Keep out of reach of children!

If swallowed contact your local emergency services and do not induce vomiting.

OPULENT Carnauba Suds+
OPULENT Carnauba Suds+