Enthusiasts Kit!

Enthusiasts Kit!

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Struggling for gift ideas or just want to stock up?
We have put together an irresistible package with a fantastic saving.
The NANOmax Ultimate Package is £149.99 down from £197.99!!!!

The package consists of the following:

- 2x NANOmax 5 Gallon Gamma Seal Style Buckets
- 2x Grit Guards
- Premium Wash Mit
- Korean Dual Side Mine Triple Twist Drying Towel
- NANOmax Snowfoam Lance including adaptor of your choice
- NANOmax Scent Grenade - Air Freshener
- NANOmax Zitrus - Citrus Pre Wash
- NANOmax Blanc - PH Neutral Snowfoam
- NANOmax Opulent - Carnauba Wash Soap
- NANOmax Blutreaktor - Fallout Remover
- NANOmax RIM-z1 - Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner
- NANOmax TYREcoat - 1 Month Tyre Gel
- NANOmax Hydramic QD - Ceramic Quick Detailer
- NANOmax Aquacharge - Rapid Ceramic Charge
- NANOmax MATFinis - Matt Interior Dressing