Safe Wash
 A thorough multistage safe wash performed using only PH neutral non-acidic products.
This is a 2-bucket hand wash preventing grit from marring the finish and ensuring no swirls and scratches deface the surface of the vehicle then dried with heated air and clean Korean twisted towels to keep your vehicle looking its best.
Duration 30 Minutes - 1 Hour
Exterior Process
Rim Cleaner Applied to Wheels
Pre-Wash Complete Vehicle & Under Arches
Door Shuts Cleaned
Iron Fallout Remover Applied to Wheels
pH Neutral Snow Foam Complete Vehicle & Under Arches
2 Bucket Safe Hand Wash
NANOmax AquaCharge Hydrophobic Coating Applied
Microfibre Towel & Warm Air Dryed
Tyres Dressed
Exhaust Tips Polished

Basic Detail
 This service is known as a “valet” extra services are charged accordingly for example if dog hair removal or a full interior steam is required depending on the state of the interior.
Duration 4-6 Hours
Exterior Process
“Safe Wash”
Interior Process
Remove Rubbish & Mats
Dust Extraction All Over
Visors, Dash, Console, Cup Holders & Seatbelts Cleaned
All Plastic & Vinyl Cleaned
Pedals Cleaned
Deep Vacuum All Over Including Seats, Carpets, Mats & Boot
Glass Clean Inside & Out
Blast of Air Freshener

Maintenance Detail
This is a mini basic detail for regular customers which only applies if the same vehicle returns in less than 4 weeks from the service carried out or a deeper clean isn’t required or exceeds the scope of work listed.
Duration 2-4 Hours
Exterior Process
“Safe Wash” 
Interior Process
“Basic Detail”​
Iron Fallout & Tar Removal (Liquid Decontamination) +£25
Clay Bar (Physical Decontamination) +£40
Ceramic Wax or SIO2 Paint Sealant (Up to 6 Month Protection) +£40
Engine Bay Detail +£20
Pet Hair Removal +£25
Carpet Mats Steamed, Shampooed & Extracted +£15
Seats Deep Clean +£80
Seats Protected +£40
Full Interior Steam +£180
Specialist Stain/Odour Removal/Badly Soiled Interior +TBA
Disinfectant Fogging Machine +£20
Soft Top Deep Clean +£80
Soft Top Coating Up To 2 Years Protection +£50
Headlight Restoration +£75
H2GO Glass Coating All Windows +£40
Wheel Refurbishment Loose Wheels Delivered +£230
Wheel Refurbishment Removal of Wheels & Vehicle Storage +£290
Dent Removal +TBA
Calipers Painted +£290
Badge Removal & Polish +£40
Remapping +£220

The SUPREME DETAIL is a comprehensive decontamination process which BOLT ON services can be added to customise your vehicles stay within.
All aspects of the vehicle are cleaned and decontaminated and machine polishing and protective coatings can then be applied with discount.

Supreme Detail
Price from £300 / £400
Timescale 2/3 days

- Extensive wash
- Engine clean
- Door jamb decontamination
- Paint chemical decontamination
- Paint physical decontamination
- NANOmax Shell to body
- Wheel arch decontamination
- Suspension decontamination
- Arch + Suspension dressing
- Wheels removed and decontaminated
- Wheels coated with NANOmax Shell sio2
- Tired looking hubs can be painted black or silver FOC.
- Exhausts tips polished
- Interior deep cleaned
- Interior sterilised
- Seats shampoo, steam & extract or leather deep cleaned, steamed and re nourished and protected with a humectant and UV resistant balm
- Glass coated with 6 months rain repellant.

>> Fabric and or leather coating, wheel and caliper ceramic coating and glass ceramic can be added to the process for £140
>> Light machine polish can be added between £200-£300
>> Medium machine polish can be added between £400-£500 - (60% minimum correction)
>> Heavy machine polish can be added between £800-£900 - (90% minimum correction)

Machine Polishing
 If you require more then machine polishing may be the one for you, from gloss enhancement to swirl marks left behind from car washes all the way to various paint defects and also those horrible scratches we have a service to suit everyone.
A “test patch” may be required on the vehicle which will be carried out on a less visible area of the vehicle to determine the required method to move forward.
Before machine polishing its important contaminants are removed so they don’t get caught up in the polishing process and leave the surface as smooth as possible to allow the machine to move freely and not stick as mentioned below.
The machine polishing service includes a decontamination to ensure dirt and debris is removed from the paintwork and an SI02 sealant protect the paintwork for up to 6 months.
A basic detail (valet) will be an additional service.
To further protect the paintwork for a longer period of time ceramic coating is recommended which is an additional service.

Paint Enhancement
 The enhancement polish will significantly improve the overall appearance of the vehicle giving it a glossy finish and a more vibrant colour depth however imperfections will still remain.
 Duration 1-3 Days
SMALL £350 – MEDIUM £400 – LARGE £450
(Suitable for vehicles with dull paintwork or show vehicles)
Minor Paint Correction
 We aim to achieve over 70% surface correction with a dual-stage machine polish which cuts through the ultra-fine layer of damaged clear coat removing imperfections from light swirl marks/defects and surface scratches in the paintwork of which the lacquer will be clearer and unveil a deep lustre, high gloss shine with more reflection from direct light.
Duration 3-5 Days
SMALL £600 - MEDIUM £700 – LARGE £800
(Suitable for new and used vehicles with light swirl marks, paint defects and scratches)
Major Paint Correction
 Some paintwork may require a more course and effective solution which is a multi-stage machine polish achieving 90-99% correction which will refine the paint work to a swirl/defect and hologram free finish with surface scratches removed, deeper scratches may require wet sanding which will incur extra charges.
Duration 5 Days+
SMALL £800 - MEDIUM £900 – LARGE £1000
(Suitable for vehicles with moderate to heavy swirl marks, paint defects and scratches)
Ceramic Coating
 Except for Protection film there is no better protection for your vehicle, ceramic coating is a genius breakthrough in surface science however it does require machine polishing first.
The coatings provide extensive protection against scratches, swirls/marring and contaminants combined with the correct aftercare measures being safe washing and 6 monthly toppers applied to enhance protection and prolong the life of the coating.
UV & Heat resistant, protecting against fading and oxidisation from the sun.
Deep gloss creating a flawless shine.
Hydrophobic properties diverting water and dirt from the body in a bead/sheeting effect.
No more waxing or polishing.
NANOmax Pelucid qZ+1 9H
Duration 1 Day
(Up To 5 Years Durability)
Pelucid qZ+1 Gives an unbeatable deep wet gloss with an everlasting shine!
Most of all, Pelucid qZ+1 Has 9H hardness properties which places the coating in the highest of ranks!
5 years of deep gloss, UV Resistance, Chemical resistance, Scratch resistance and last but not least ...... Super hydrophobicity!
Keep your vehicle looking like it’s just been waxed with NANOmax Pelucid qZ+1
 Being a MAYVINCI accredited detailing centre we are trained and authorised to install the full MAYVINCI range of ceramic coatings and guarantee them for a period of durability upon completion accompanied by a warranty booklet, all coatings carry a minimum gloss level rating of 95%.
 Duration 1 Day 
(Up To 3 Years Durability)
 This coating represents a breakthrough in ceramic Si02 chemistry that will give your car optimum protection against external influences.
C16 provides painted surfaces with a matrix membrane that bonds firmly to the base layer, as a result, water and dirt will barely adhere.
The clarity of C16 represents a huge boost in terms of shine and protection for your vehicle, the product makes washing and cleaning much easier and quicker.
MAYVINCI C16 can only be applied by a Specialist MAYVINCI dealer.
 Duration 1 Day
(Up To 5 Years Durability)
 AYANMO is MAYVINCI’S flagship product, a semi-permanent glass ceramic coating that offers protection against external influences.
By insulating the surface from the air, it inhibits the process of oxidation, counteracting loss of shine and dullness.
The molecular morphology gives the coating its hardness, scratch-resistant properties and elasticity, resulting in a major aesthetic advantage that leaves the competition far behind.
Thanks to a unique component of the AYANMO product, the coating is effective at lower surface energy which means that oil, water and dust (environmental dirt) are repelled.
This exceptional coating is characterised by a superb deep shine and sparkling effect.
Using accurate optical measuring equipment, AYANMO displays 92 GU (Gloss Units) at an angle of 20 degrees and 97 GU at an angle of 60 degrees, the highest reading for a nano ceramic glass coating to date. The adhesion of dirt is significantly reduced, and your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer.
​MAYVINCI AYANMO can only be applied by a Specialist MAYVINCI dealer.
MAYVINCI Oracle Self-Healing
 Duration 1 Day
(Up To 5 Years Durability)
 'Pro Choice' ORACLE. The triphasic structure of the Oracle has a thermoset phase with superior strength and performs major mechanical and structural function.
​A "self-healing" phase of ultra-fine healing agents (nano scale) is embedded in the components like a matrix to repair the surface and restore its mechanical and structural integrity after being damaged.
​The separated morphology is achieved through periodic detachment via a reaction process. Unlike other coatings that claim " Self-Healing " that simply work off a reflow effect and the same spot if damaged cannot be repaired twice and often lack performance as the induced resin dries up. 
The Oracle can be healed with hot water and or heat, it is hand applied and Oracle Self-Healing Coating can truly guarantee a 5-year performance.
MAYVINCI Oracle can only be applied by Specialist MAYVINCI dealer.
MAYVINCI Glass Guard
​Duration 1 Day
All Windows £95
(Up To 1.5 Years Durability)
 Glass Guard system contains the highest technically possible amount of active raw ingredients such as nano-scaled SiO2, which are responsible for beading performance and durability.
Glass Sealant is an advanced nanotechnology coating that forms a permanent barrier against water, oil and grime on automotive glass surfaces.
The coating improves visibility and therefore driving comfort in bad weather conditions significantly. It reduces the need to use windscreen wipers and screen wash greatly. 
In addition, grime and bug splatter can be washed off easily, de-icing is much easier too. 
Raindrops are blown off by the airflow when driving speeds exceed 30 mph.
MAYVINCI Glass Guard can only be applied by as specialist MAYVINCI dealer.
MAYVINCI Wheel Guard
 Duration 1 Day
Face Only £95
(Up To 1.5 Years Durability)
 Wheel Guard provides a unique bond with automotive wheels.​
Thanks to the breakthrough in the combination of organic and inorganic Si02, the coating is capable of repelling dust and road grime.​
The product is resistant to very high temperatures, eliminating contact with brake dust and giving your rims optimum protection.​
The dirt-repellent effect also means they are easy to clean.​
Wheel Guard is the most advanced rim coating on the market and an absolute must in order to protect and maintain your precious wheels.​
MAYVINCI Wheel Guard can only be applied by a specialist MAYVINCI dealer.
Service Disclaimer
  On check-in, we will carry out a full vehicle inspection and also, we ask our customers to identify and point out any components or parts that were already broken or in a condition about to fail before the detailing appointment. Then extra care will be taken during the cleaning process in these areas. If we find defective materials or loose-fitting parts while cleaning, we may not be able to clean them properly and will advise the customer.
Customers are requested to clear their personal items and valuables from their vehicle before appointments, NANOmax Detailing will not be held responsible for any lost items.
Glove box interiors will not be cleaned and owner contents in glove boxes will not be disturbed unless advised.
Child car seat(s) should be removed prior to the appointment If you wish the seat cleaned under the child seat please advise as we cannot re-install child seats to meet specifications.
NANOmax Detailing will not be held responsible for conditions which compromise the quality and performance of our services regarding existing unseen or hidden conditions (Such as dings, dents, scratches, conditions of trims, plastic, vinyl, leather, carpeting, window tint, exterior paint, upholstery tears, discolouration, etc.)
NANOmax Detailing can’t take responsibility for potential damages to vehicles which have previously had body shop work carried out as we can’t guarantee the standard of repair. 
Vehicles with existing ceramic coatings from other dealerships or applied at home are quoted on the basis of attempting to remove the coating and we do not take responsibility for areas that are too hard to polish or damaged.
Ceramic coated vehicles are only guaranteed if the vehicle is brought back 1 month later for an inspection at our centre. Coatings are not guaranteed should the vehicle be washed using automated and/or hand car washes and/or with acidic chemicals. Inspections of poor washing technique will be visible and if customers are to wash their vehicle, they should do so following a correct safe wash procedure.
Once the vehicle is handed over, we take no responsibility for damages to vehicles after leaving our centre. Customers must check their vehicle and be satisfied with the service before the vehicle is taken from our premises.
Vehicles which have had their wheels removed will have their wheel nuts torqued to the manufacturer’s specification upon refit. It is then the customers responsibility to check the tightness of their wheel nuts upon leaving the centre.
Thank you for your understanding.