NANOmax - BLASEN - PH Neutral Coating Safe Wash Shampoo

NANOmax - BLASEN - PH Neutral Coating Safe Wash Shampoo

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NANOmax BLASEN is an Essential ingredient to the Safe Washing process!

Designed to Clean and Remove dirt without Destroying Existing wax/sealants and Ceramic Coatings in the process.

Super foaming and silky smooth suds assist your washmit by lubricating the paintwork preventing dirt from swirling the finish.

This Wash Soap Provides NO Glossing properties being designed to safely Clean Protected vehicles ready for Maintenance or Top up Coatings to be Applied. NANOmax BLASEN Is Designed to Clean Ceramic Coated Vehicles with out jeopardising any protection . PH NEUTRAL Safe-Washing as recommended by the Professionals.

Directions For Use:

  • Fill 2 buckets.
  • Add Gritguards.
  • Dilution Ratio 500:2.
  • Pre-Rinse vehicle.
  • Wash with soft washmit.
  • Rinse off soap.
  • Dry with a Drying towel or Air.
  • Add NANOmax SHELL Sio2.