NANOmax - KRYPTON - APC Concentrate
NANOmax - KRYPTON - APC Concentrate
NANOmax - KRYPTON - APC Concentrate

NANOmax - KRYPTON - APC Concentrate

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NANOmax Krypton APC is one of the Strongest Multi-purpose cleaners on the market. Safe to use on most surfaces including:

Plastics,Rubber,Metal,fabric,leather, Glass + Carpets.

Krypton Cuts through grease and grime with easy and can also be used to assist the pre vehicle wash to help breakdown stubborn road film and bugs.

Krypton Can be used during the fabric cleaning process to remove stains and dirt.

Krypton APC Ready to Use has a Highly Concentrated yet Ready to Rock Ratio.

Krypton is a Notorious Interior Cleaner removing old silicone based dressings, Dirt and Stubborn stains on plastics, pedals and rubber.

Transparent Surfaces like glass and perspex will need a secondary wipe after cleaning due to residue being present after cleaning.


  • NANOmax KRYPTON contains mild chemicals which aid the product in completing the agenda.
  • The ingredients of KRYPTON may cause harm if swallowed or has contact with Eyes or Skin.
  • If ingested call your emergency GP.
  • If KRYPTON makes contact with eyes wash out immediately and call your GP for advice.
  • If skin becomes irritated cease use of the product and seek medical advice.
NANOmax - KRYPTON - APC Concentrate