NANOmax - MATFinis - Matte Interior Dressing + Protector

NANOmax - MATFinis - Matte Interior Dressing + Protector

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NANOmax - MATFinis is an Essential Dressing when it comes to interiors. The days of soaking the interior in sticky silicon are Thankfully Over.

With the latest trend in New vehicles coming from the factory in a Lovely Matte Leather and Plastic finish please be aware one Greasy interior dressing can ruin the finish for good. NANOmax MATFinis Not only Deep Cleans, Satin Dresses and Protects trims from UV it also Smells Grand Too! And is SAFE TO USE on all interior trims.

MATFinis can be used after the APC or steam process however it can be used instead if the vehicle is in a clean state.

MATFinis is Dry to the Touch once applied yet leaves a water repellant yet matte protective coating leaving trims looking as new.

Can be used on Plastic, Vinyl, Rubber, Matte Wrap and Leather. Our tests have proved once properly applied MATFinis will last upto 6weeks on well prepared surfaces.

Directions For Use:

  • Shake NANOmax MATFinis.
  • Ensure Surface is Free of Dirt + Silicone.
  • Apply to an Applicator pad or Spray Directly onto Desired surface.
  • Work about with a microfibre.
  • Flip the microfibre and Buff off residue.


  • NANOmax MATFinis  Contains Chemicals not safe for human consumption. AVOID Contact with Eyes and Skin.
  • Do not Swallow Product.
  • If irritation occurs wash immediately and contact your Emergency GP.