NANOmax - Pelucid qZ+1 - 60m Ceramic Coating

NANOmax - Pelucid qZ+1 - 60m Ceramic Coating

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NANOmax Pelucid qZ+1 the dream coating! This is the easiest to apply coating you will ever use!

Application is a Breeze with Pelucid qZ+1, Once applied to panel, Pelucid will wipe straight off with a microfibre without leaving any sticky residue or greasy streaking.

Pelucid qZ+1 flash timing is Amongst the fairest giving you enough time to complete the application without having to worry about the product curing.

Pelucid qZ+1 Gives an unbeatable Deep Wet Gloss with an Everlasting Shine!

Most of all, Pelucid qZ+1 Has 9H Hardness properties which Ranks the Coating in the highest of Ranks!

5 Years of Deep Gloss, UV Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Scratch Resistance and Last but not least ...... Super Hydrophobicity!

Keep your Vehicle looking like its just been Waxed with NANOmax Pelucid qZ+1

Durability upto 5years:

  • 9H Hardness
  • Chemical Resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Ultra hydrophobic
  • Hyper Gloss


Directions For Use:

  • Ensure panels are Decontaminated and prepped with NANOmax Axiom Panel Wipe.
  • Machine Polishing Recommended.
  • Apply 2 Lines of Pelucid qZ+1 to the applicator or Several Drops and work into the panel in straight lines and crossing motions.
  • Allow 2-4min Flashing time then remove with a Clean plush microfibre towel.
  • Pelucid qZ+1 can be topped with NANOmax SHELL within 1 hour.
  • 50ml Bottle - 65ml Fill.
  • Applicator & Pipette.